VIP Memberships

Our exclusive VIP membership allow you to tailor your packages for each fur babies needs.

We have three packages:

Basic (for those fur babies who just need a weekly bath and dry )

Premium (for those fur babies who want to have mini styles every week)

Finally our GOLD members For those elite fur babies who want us to completely take the hassles out of looking glamorous. We will offer free Door to door service, full styling every month , we also make sure teeth are looking as bright as there smiles. A elite Gold member never want to look bad for the paparazzi

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Spoil your pooch with our delightful spa treatments, and have peace of mind that they are in the best care.


For the ultimate doggie grooming service, let us pick up and drop off your pooch every week for a tailored cleaning package. Click below to learn more or contact us today to discuss your needs.

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