Therapeutic Dog Hydrobath & Blow Dry

At My Dog Groomer we pamper your fur babies with a heated therapeutic hydro bath, a massage dog wash and blow-dry as part of our full dog clipping & grooming service.

Therapeutic & Massage Dog Wash

Each dog has fresh warm water to ensure no passing of fleas or other parasites between dogs!

If your dog has long hair, or is prone to tangles or a dry coat, we may use a coat conditioner as a second step to the bathing process. Conditioners can help to manage the hair and make it softer, allowing for mats and tangles to be more easily removed, along with re-moisturizing the coat.

While in the bath, My Dog Groomer may take the opportunity to express your pets’ anal glands (if required). The anal glands are two small sacks just inside your pets’ anus, and are filled with a foul-smelling ‘scent fingerprint’ that animals use to identify each other in the wild. Routine emptying of these sacs can help to prevent unwanted smells, as well as potential side effects from impacted or ruptured anal glands that go un-emptied.

Finally, bathing your pet provides an opportunity for an impartial set of eyes to point out any issues or problems you may not have noticed with your pet. We live with our pets, and often don’t notice right away if they begin to gain or lose weight, or gradually take up new behaviours. Your groomer has the advantage of only seeing your pet occasionally, and as such may notice if Fido has packed on a few pounds, or if Freddie has fleas that need to be treated.

Drying Methods & Optional Extras

Our standard method for drying your fur baby is a Blow Dry. But if you prefer, we can do a towel dry..

Optional extras during the dog grooming service include:

1) Brush Outs of knots and matted hair

2) Blow Out – removal of undercoat to minimise loose hair around your home

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Spoil your pooch with our delightful spa treatments, and have peace of mind that they are in the best care.

Dog Clipping & Grooming

Why not give those little paws a mani-pedi at the same time to save yourself another trip? A dog's nails should ideally not touch the ground so they should be trimmed every one to two weeks. We are the experts when it comes to relaxing your fur baby and giving their nails a trim.

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