Dog Nail & Ear Care

Toe Nails

Did you know that most domestic dogs do not naturally wear down their nails fast enough to keep up with nail growth?

That’s why you need to regularly trim their toenails and between their pads. If you don’t keep them at an optimum length and let them grow too long, problems can arise such as joint pain and stiffness of joints. Dogs are naturally designed to walk with their pads on the floor, not on their toe nails. So if you can hear your fur-baby’s nails clicking on the ground, they are too long and require trimming now!

Dog Ear Care

Dogs tend to roll around outside and wander through bushes, so they can be susceptible to things getting into their ears. Depending on how often you check them, you may be unaware of any obstructions in their ears. We take the time to check your dog’s ears gently and thoroughly, to ensure any foreign objects, bites, irritations and infections are identified and treated promptly.

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Teeth are important too.

My Dog Groomer provides professional teeth cleaning services for dogs in Geelong, without the sedation like most vets. We focus on making your pet calm and comfortable first, and give them extra pats during the process. Click below to learn about a more cost effective way to keep your doggie's breath fresh and more enjoyable for them.

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