Dog Clipping & Grooming

My Dog Groomer is a professional Dog Grooming Salon that only uses quality products to wash and groom your fur babies with! We always assess your dog’s skin condition to make sure we use the most suitable product. During the grooming and brushing process, we pay special attention to their ears and toenails, between pads and backsides, face, eyes, mouth and teeth. See below for more detail on each area.

Toe Nails & Ears

Click here to visit our specific Toe Nails & Ear Care page for more information on this topic. Our team are specially trained to carry out even the most difficult dog nail trimming.

Paw Pads & Personal Sanitary Areas

Does your fur-baby grow excessive amounts of hair around their backside, or in between their paw pads? This can lead to hygiene problems, tangling of hair, accumulation of dirt and challenges urinating and defecating, if the excessive hair is not kept under control. At My Dog Groomer, we trim these areas to prevent the problem.

Face & Eyes

Some breeds of dogs grow long hair on their face, mouth and eyes. If left untrimmed it can lead to hygiene and health problems. It can become matted with saliva and food, and studies have shown that dogs with hair frequently in their eyes have a greater chance of developing eye infections, glaucoma and cataracts. At my Dog Groomer we ensure to strategically trim the hair around the face, eyes and mouth to help prevent health problems.

Mouth & Teeth

Click here to visit our specific Teeth Cleaning page for more information on this topic.


Did you know that besides making your fur baby look good, regular grooming also has many direct health benefits?

Regularly brushing your dog helps to keep their skin and coat healthy by distributing the natural oils of the skin throughout the coat. Brushing is an important part of caring for your dog, but in our busy lifestyles, it is unfortunately often missed.

We recommend regular appointments with your groomer to ensure these health benefits are maintained. See our FAQ’s section for how often it is recommended to groom your dogs.

Regular Grooming is also a great opportunity to check your dog’s skin and coat for any abnormalities such as balding, lumps, growths, etc. While we never hope to find any of these irregularities, regular checking will ensure we detect them sooner rather than later and able to treat them promptly.

Sculpting with Scissors

We are internationally trained by a well-respected dog groomer in the industry. At My Dog Groomer, we specialise in sculpting dogs, specific to the breed, as well sculpting for show dogs.

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